Theatre for Social Transformation : An Artistic Voyage


Theatre is not only means of entertainment. It is a tool for an individual’s creative development. It doesn’t only detoxify your mind but it is one of the ideal medium to transform the society.

About NITFEST 2019

Seven active theatre groups in Nepal are organizing a week long international theatre festival in Kathmandu, in spring 2019. Mandala Theatre- Nepal, Shilpee Theatre, Actors’ Studio, Theatre Village, Theatre Mall, Katha Ghera and One World Theatre are going to host ‘Nepal International Theatre Festival 2019‘ in 5 different venues in Kathmandu. The one week long theatre festival will kick off in 25th February 2019 to 4th March 2019.

Nepal International Theatre Festival (NITF) 2019 is a celebration of art, culture, traditions in the form of theatre performances. We are encouraged to incorporate the aesthetics of Jatra, Poetry, and the landmarks of Nepali ran- gamanch during the eight day long festival. At least eight other international countries are invited to add value through their performances in the festival.

With the slogan “Theatre for Social Transformation: An Artistic Voyage’,’ NITF 2019, the weeklong festival is determined to strengthen the communal harmony, respectfulness for social diversity and to contribute in preservation on intangible cultural heritage through social awareness, art and exchange. Moreover, the festival will support Nepali theatre groups coming together in a shared platform to explore their aesthetic expressions and solidarities for relevant socio-political issues.

Around 30 productions from all over the world will be showcased during the festival. The theatre productions will be carefully selected by our batch of mentors. These plays will be the reflection of the vibrant socio-political scenarios of local communities from different regions of the world.

Besides the play production, the festival will be featured by other allied events such as daily interactions, open-air performances, theatre photo exhibitions, recognition and award ceremonies, cultural and artistic stalls etc. The major festival is in plan for potential extension of it as ‘Parallel Festivals’ also in two other cities in Nepal.


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