Theatre arts and disability workshop

Exploring Approaches to Access and Inclusion

A workshop on disability and arts with Birds of Paradise, Scotland.

March 05-09, 2019 | British Council, Lainchaur

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There is more market and viewership for the arts in Nepal that ever. All sectors are growing— from contemporary arts to traditional forms. Unfortunately, accessibility and inclusiveness in regards to disability is still rare. For example, theatre performances are held throughout the year, but the venues are not wheelchair friendly; theatre companies seldom produce narratives on disability issues let alone involving disabled people in production.

To talk about all these issues and to address them, the British Council is inviting Glasgow based Birds of Paradise Theatre to visit Kathmandu for a workshop on making arts—specifically performing arts—accessible to disabled people.

During the workshop, facilitators Mairi Taylor, Michelle Rolfe and Callum Madge will be working with Nepali theatre professionals, individuals and groups working with disabled people and disabled individuals and groups who have an interest in performing arts envision ways in which both spaces where performances are held and the performances themselves can be made accessible and inclusive for disabled people and creative professionals.

The workshop will employ case studies and projects done by Birds of Paradise in the past to talk about disability and accessibility, what it means and how the Nepali theatre/arts scene can progress to create accessible spaces and artworks.


Participating organizations, individuals will be eligible to apply for limited British Council grants. These grants are intended to support collaborations that use theatre/dance art forms to champion the ethos of disability and arts movement. Grant call will be opened on the final day of the workshop and will require concept note and budget for assessment. British Council will provide an orientation to the participants on the application process and selection criteria.


The workshop has been designed for leaders of the theatre community in Nepal—including artists as well as behind-the-scenes professionals—for members and staff of organization/groups/collectives who work with disabled individuals and/or communities; for disabled individuals and groups who are interested in the arts, more specifically performances; and for professionals in the arts sector who work with disabled people or have a keen interest in creating accessible and inclusive infrastructure as well as artworks.  A maximum of 25 participants will be invited to participate


Birds of Paradise Theatre was formally constituted as a company limited by guarantee and as a registered charity in 1993, becoming Scotland’s first touring theatre company employing disabled and non-disabled actors. Since then we have been led by a number of visionary leaders and in 2012 we became disability-led through the appointment of our current Artistic Directors.

Many original aims behind the formation of the company are still familiar to Birds of Paradise today: to employ disabled and non-disabled actors and other theatre professionals, to commission new work, to work in partnership with other organisations at home and abroad, to create positive images of inclusion and to encourage participation in the arts.


This is a free workshop with limited vacancy. Interested applicants (individuals or organisations) are requested to send in a concise (not more than 300 words) Statement of Purpose to

The Statement of Purpose should outline what the applicant hopes to gain from the workshop; applying organisations should also specify the number of participants they would like to bring into the workshop. All applicants should elaborate their ambitions in terms of work in disability and arts, and potential pipeline projects that may benefit from this engagement.

You can also apply by filling out the google form available at this page.

For questions/queries please call 9851249785.

More information can be found at the following  PDF file.

Application form

Please read the workshop details fully before applying. You can directly fill up the form available below, or if your prefer, you can go to the google forms page.

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