Authentic Nepali Instrumental Performance

We have been listening to different musical instruments till date and are mostly attracted by those which are used more widely throughout the world. We have almost forgotten our traditional musical instruments which represent our culture and diversity. It's not only about the instrument or music it creates but it is also about our cultural sentiment that had always added value to our life. Our performance is based on those musical instruments which are near to extinction. We hope this will help in preservation of those instruments and will attract younger people to play these rare musical instruments.

Performance By : Hum BC and Madhav Tripathi

Our country’s cultural identity is followed by different aspects of culture and is also represented through different forms of dance. Starting from Chariya Dance, the audience will  travel through the Himalayas to Terai with our footsteps. 

The musical poem just after the dance performance represents the harsh life that women have lived and are compelled to live with questions inside them but could not come out to society with their queries. Poem represents the life of women's plight due to patriarchy. 

Let your heart dance with our footsteps and breeze your mind with the pains we felt from 3000 years back. 

Choreographer: Namrata KC


Manisha Basnet, Kunti Simali, Roj Maharjan, Ritika Maharjan, Anupama KC, Dilasha Gurung, Anu Gautam, Deepika Khatiwada, Sujata Gurung, Barsha Dhakal, Gyanu Lama, Melisha Ghimire, Sadikshya Gautam, Sujata Das, Mrinal Shrestha, Anish Pudasaini, Ganesh Shrestha, Rijwan Thapa and Sabina Pokhrel

Masters of Nepali Overtones and Rhythm With EarthBeat Live!

Bagmati, Bishnumati, Dhobi Khola runs from the Shivapuri mountains of north of Kathmandu valley. They nurture the valley or used to. With their loamy texture farmers created a canvas of agricultural land. Today, a massive population drives upon the tarred soil. The rivers are fed with human waste instead. The carps and frogs have leapt to oblivion. The fertile fields are now a concrete city: with only crows, pigeons and declining sparrow numbers. A tiny number of oriental magpie robins, mynahs, jurelis, babblers sing on the city's periphery. Its human dwellers tweet about their rights for a better social political life. Salil Subedi and Navaraj Gurung, the masters of Nepali overtones, didgeridoo, tabla and percussion along with EarthBeat Live! will weave these earth stories with their gift of sound, music and performing art. Time is irreversible. The future thrives in our breaths and beats.

A musical solo performance that speaks of the receptive exploration of a body attentive to change. Tries to illuminate Change, the movement of Change, and the process of Change through a body that breathes in multiple and simultaneous rhythms, appearing in new times and spaces.

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