Suzuki and Viewpoints

The director/performer/educator born and raised in Minnesota who has spent many years in Nepal teaching Nepali high school students and directing and performing with One World Theatre, Rose Schwietz is here introducing the participants to the complimentary practices of Suzuki and Viewpoints. Suzuki training develops an actor connection to Earth while balancing with lightness and control in the upper body, making actors who are versatile and expressive. With the six “Basics”, actors become stronger movers and speakers by understanding the relationship between voice, body, and the center. Viewpoint compliments this by teaching actors to connect with one another while accessing the creative potential of space and time. By exploring the “Nine’ aspects of performance while learning a shared vocabulary for ensemble-building.

Participants are requested to bring materials such as socks/tabi and with close-fitting pants or shorts so knees are visible.

Registration Fees: NPR.500 per person per day. Certificates will be provided.

This initiatory journey will be composed of several dynamics inspired in the training of the sacred clowns of native American cultures, designed in the form of vision quests to gather information from our own experience with the help of very talented and trained Betina Dominguez and actor, clown, researcher as well a director Andres Fagiolino. Beginning with breathing towards the base along with the awakening the physical, emotional and mental bodies. This session states a great focus on playful awaken of our mischief, presence, state of urgency, creativity and to become friends of the mistake. Finally, through dynamics of maximum sensitivity each participant will approach a genuine state of openness and vulnerability from were to embrace the totality of our being, allowing ourselves to make public our shame.

Registration Fees: NPR.500 per person per day. Certificates will be provided.

With the working experience on masks for years, incorporating new materials and rediscovering others, Pablo Duran Rojas and Diana Costa are back to present intends from a plastic, artisanal and theatrical perspective to know and learn the creative universe of cardboard as a material in creation in masks. The participants will learn to see the cardboards in a three-dimensional way. Special attention will be focused on recycling and recovery. Giving a second life to other materials to open our eyes to conceive distinct and different as something useful for creation. This workshop is aimed at theatre practitioners, young artists and interested teenagers who want to approach the world of masks and theatre.

Participants are invited to bring curious papers, different types, qualities and textures in order to be able to collaborate in a new creative use.

Registration Fees: NPR.500 per person per day. Certificates will be provided.

Tells the story of a factory worker closed in an alienating production system, a post-modern landscape in which the human being is imprisoned in a mechanic and repetitive existence and his body reduced to an artificial machine.

With the support of: MIC Ministero della cultura, Istituto Italiano di cultura in New Delhi, ATER Fondazione

Revolves around three people who are caught in an isolated place at the peripheries of war in India. As the story progresses, the growing differences fuel the conflict that leads to physical violence.

A participatory theatre initiative facilitating sexual assault prevention. Utilizing trauma-informed and research based practice, this play blends Drama Therapy and Theatre of the Oppressed (bystander intervention) with Shadow techniques.

A story of a girl who, having remained for the eldest during the absence of her parents, is so carried away by the freedom that has opened up to her that she forgets about her younger brother. The play is socially significant.

A theatrical clown performance that tells the story of a town amid a great regional drought. When the town sends two of its members to find out the causes of the lack of water, their journey unfolds multiple layers of humanity.

Desdemona Roopakam is a concert  theatre piece that examines feminist narratives within Shakespeare’s Othello and  traditional Indian mythologies. The play is composed of Hindustani ,Carnatic and folk music.

Mr & Mrs. Kraft invite the audience to enter the laboratory where they experiment with incredible materials which leads the audience on a poetic and sensorial journey where the magic of the paper and its creatures will trap them in a continuous game of masking and unmasking.

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