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This is a story about the struggle of a rhinoceros whose father’s horn was smuggled and the smugglers were caught. Now he intends to return the horn to Bardia National Park  and goes to Kathmandu. In the  jungle, when a rhinoceros was resting under the tree, unexpectedly a gun shot was fired. It creates a …

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Country: Nepal
ART is based on the award winning play by Yasmina Reza

Three young men, friends, ‘brothers’ – as they like to say in Nepal – are representatives for our urban Kathmandu society. All three are entrepreneurs, who want to reach the ‘top’, be recognized in society as “somebody special”.


Country: Nepal
‘Mokshada’ is a danceplay based on the life experiences of (Panchakanya) five virgins which is mentioned in the ‘Shastra’ (holy scriptures).


Country India
Kumbakarna and Lakshmana, brothers each to the two protagonists of the Ramayana, are connected by boons that dramatically alter their cycles of sleep and wakefulness.


This play is about a male character who keeps on following a young girl. This play treats the issue of relishing women’s physical body which questions the stereotyped conception about women’s existence despite having multiple debate on the issue. In the play, a still body of a young girl is transported to different places for …

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