NITFest 2022 Closing Ceremony

Prabin Khatiwada, Namrata KC, and Dhruba Satya Pariyar, an actor, director, and theatre critic respectively will have a conversation with Suraj Subedi, a film/theatre critic on the existence of theatre criticism in Nepal, which is yet to develop as a genre and a worthy subject to invest on. 

Different young poets from diverse geography and genre , come together to recite their poem followed by music. Lets celebrate cultural diversity through the words of their beautiful words.

Performance Poetry : AJ Bob, Bhumika Tharu, Hiradevi Waiba, Kashiram Bajgain (Devbrat),
Rasik Raj and Saras Chari 

Music By: Prasanna Humagain

Shishir Upreti as the panel facilitator will have in-depth conversation with 2 education stakeholders and 2 theatre scholars exploring the possible horizon of theatre education and its challenges in Nepal, which is yet to develop into any university courses. Veteran theatre scholars Abhi Subedi and Shiva Rijal will panel this session together with the dean of TU Kusum Shakya and director of Curriculum Development Centre Khilanath

We have been listening to different musical instruments till date and are mostly attracted by those which are used more widely throughout the world. We have almost forgotten our traditional musical instruments which represent our culture and diversity. It's not only about the instrument or music it creates but it is also about our cultural sentiment that had always added value to our life. Our performance is based on those musical instruments which are near to extinction. We hope this will help in preservation of those instruments and will attract younger people to play these rare musical instruments.

Performance By : Hum BC and Madhav Tripathi

Palpasa Cafe Drama Book

A drama adaptation of best selling Nepali novel Palpasa Cafe is coming out in book form as Palpasa Cafe Play. The book is published by Nepalaya Publication Nepal, which is the same publication that published the original novel. The adapted play was produced by Theatre Village Nepal under the directorial of Bimal Subedi, a NSD graduate, and was performed in Mandala Theatre Nepal from 22 April - 8 May with houseful of audiences. A discussion entitled ‘From text to stage: practices of theatrical adaptation’ will follow after the book launch. 

From text to stage: practices of the theatrical adaptation

Panelists Narayan Wagle, Nayan Raj Pandey, Upendra Subba, writers whose work has been adapted into drama, and Bimal Subedi and Deeya Maskey, two directors who recently adapted one of the panelist’s stories into play will sit together and discuss the metamorphosis of text. Writer/journalist Basanta Basnet will moderate their coming of age in terms of adaptation practice. 

Naatak Palpasa Cafe Book Launch followed by Panel Discussion- Theatre and Literature
नाटकमा शब्दको आकृतिः के लेखिदैंछ, कस्तो देखिदैंछ?

A tree tells the story reminding us that human beings and plants live in one interconnected ecosystem. To be part of this play, audiences can visit NITFest, collect seeds or plant and get audio file. They can also register for this event event which is interaction with the director via zoom.

They then have to find a tree near them, sit under it (or nearby), press play, and listen to the tree’s confessions. They can do this in their time but prior to this lecture event.

We believe that theatre in Nepal has a lot of potential and can be a very powerful tool for social change. So we are organizing this panel discussion with some of the leading theatre practitioners in Nepal. The panelists will discuss the challenges that theatre outiside Kathmandu faces, ranging from a lack of infrastructure and support, to a lack of audience engagement. They will discuss the need for more government support for the arts, and for more training and support for theatre artists.

Many of our accomplishments and the narratives of history have been intermixed with bloods of different wars. Until today, every continent in the world has experienced and hated war. But the war keeps coming back.

Every war leads people somewhere. But are they really satisfied with what they found as their destiny ?

How does one deal with the memory of their own people's blood shed ? We are not here to answer these questions but the performance will help to search more questions. 

Supporting crew: Anshu Khanal, Prabhat Timilsina, Suraj Parajuli

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