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Access GuideAccess guide document is created to help visitor plan and prepare thier visit to NITFest. It provides information about venues, restrooms, accessibility and other information.PDFDownloadAccess GUide
Festival BookletFestival booklet contains information about all the programs that are part of NITFest 2022.PDFDownloadbooklet_QR
Access Guide (Accessible)Accessible version of Access GuideWordDownloadaccess_eng_word
Access Guide (Large Print)Access guide with Large Text Font for the benefits of audiences who have difficulties reading smaller texts.WordDownloadlargeprint_qr
Access Guide (Nepali)Accessible Version of Access Guide in NepaliWordDownloadAccess_Nepali_Word
Access Guide Nepali (Large Print)Large print version of Access Guide in Nepali LanguageWordDownloadaccess_nepali_large_print
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